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A company of the SWATCH GROUP of Switzerland

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Alto Performance Racing

SprutCAM have come on board as a sponsor with a seat of their utterly superb CAM package. We tried loads of packages all saying “easy to use”, none of which were easy to use or versatile with out a degree in computing and 10 years experience. SprutСAM is modern and works just as you expect. Its very windows/modern feeling. When you hit a button it does what it says on the tin and more importantly, what you expect. The package opens pretty much anything, you can set the zero positions in seconds, call for a machining operation type, choose a cutter and say go....it does the rest. Its so easy to use that if you cant use it you should not be driving a car on your own. Unfortunately this has lead to me designing ever more complicated shapes....because I can!

New optimized / lighter gear lever as a model.


Then into SprutCAM where you can see the part being machined in virtual space.


And here it is after machining. This now weighs......54grams. Go and weigh some envelopes or a A4 folded brochure. Paper light but stronger than the original.


These are new too,

Designed in RhinoCad and machined using SprutCAM. (4 button traction control switches for the handlebar)


Don’t under estimate the power of the program either you can get 2.5, 3, 4 and 5 axis versions and upgrades. Milling, turning, multi spindle machine centers....you get the idea.

YES I am impressed and honestly if your looking for machining CAM software, give it a go (trial is free).

Thank you to the new sponsor for getting involved and keep watching its all moving very nicely again indeed.


Ben Shaughnessy

Alto Performance Racing 2012.



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