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A company of the SWATCH GROUP of Switzerland
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BOOM TRIKES deploys SprutCAM

BOOM TRIKES, based in Sontheim, has recently purchased SprutCAM software to create control programs for NC machines. Having tested various CAD/CAM systems, BOOM TRIKES decided upon CAD/CAM system, offered by Datentechnik Reitz. This software is used for milling and lathe machining. Nevertheless the subspindle-equipped turning machines are tended in the same manner as the 5-axis milling machines. The fact that the software is incredibly easy-to-use turned out to be the essential argument for buying SprutCAM. After a three days' training in Datentechnik Reitz the program was successfully deployed. 

BOOM TRIKES has tried SprutCAM test version for work piece milling since before making a purchasing decision. That was also an important stage in realization of intention to purchase. SprutCAM – is the only system, which is given fully-featured for testing. Including all the post-processing programs and online training it is free of charge as well. BOOM TRIKES is the best known manufacturer of trike models (motor tricycles). 

About BOOM TRIKES Fahrzeugbau GmbH:

BOOM TRIKES Fahrzeugbau GmbH, founded in 1990, develops and constructs trikes for the worldwide market. The present-day product range alongside with four custom-made Automatik, Muscle, Mustang, Fighter families, has been comprising, since 2010 года, motor-trikes as well, manufactured on the basis of Honda Shadow, Harley Davidson Sportster/Dyna and Suzuki Intruder. Due to continuous improvement, innovations and high-quality standard voluntary certification (among others, ISO 9001) BOOM TRIKES Fahrzeugbau GmbH has grown into the leading European-wide manufacturer of trikes. 

Today nearly 30 people are employed in BOOM TRIKES headquarters in Sontheim. Here the motor-cycles are designed and custom-assembled by-hand using high quality components. The BOOM TRIKES dealer network, including almost 100 dealerships and rental centers in Germany and all over the world, is customer-oriented and aims to provide superior services.

All the trikes, manufactured by BOOM TRIKES can be driven with 3 (B) driving licence, and after passing specialized examination can be used within the territory of ЕU.



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