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A company of the SWATCH GROUP of Switzerland
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SprutCAM in VBS Fügetechnik AG

VBS Fügetechnik AG profile comprises complex welding equipment and manufacture of the whole units, involved in the assembly process. The company implements case management and customer support, beginning with conceptual and engineering stage and concluding with starting up custom-designed systems. Due to application of CAD/CAM systems in the product and process development and purpose-designed park of machine tools it is possible to manufacture required samples batchwise from any materials and meeting the utmost quality requirements.


At the request of the customer the team-work already begins at the concept definition stage and in the process of representation of the requirements in the 2D, 3D, AutoCAD or Catia C4/C5 formats. The complex approach to economical efficiency implementation is realized in the process of planning and concept development. It comprises minimal costs in the process of manufacturing, maximum long life of the tool and continuous use of the customer’s whole labour-saving potential.


Parts and units are manufactured from any material at customer's option and according to the requirements of the field of their application. 
Here are the examples of the equipment used:

  • 9 NC processing machines,
  • 6 standard processing machines,
  • 2 three-axis measuring machines,
  • 4 CAD work centers.

After all the parts are manufactured, units and products can be assembled from them on their own mounting line and sent to you ready for production. At your request the check out and start up can be performed on-site and the customer support up to the start-up of production can be organized. 

Welding laboratory

Tools with dimensions up to 600 x 350mm can be checked with the help of Nimak, type BMP 20 DGS - modified machine for projection welding. In case the opening height is 100mm it is possible to apply the tool in 420mm. The maximum capacity in the process of welding is 150 kvA. This machine can also be used to perform welding works for preproduction series and samples. The testing stand with the console control panel and the welding transformer is used to check the welding pliers and the welding equipment. Moreover, VBS Fügetechnik has one more unit (C-clamp), which is particularly suited for projection welding operations. When welding the maximum load on this machine is 250 kvA, and the force is up to 20 kN.

VBS Fügetechnik applies SprutCAM programming system to manufacture its complex units, which allows to use the equipment resources to the best advantage.

VBS Fügetechnik AG
Friedrichstraße 8
35216 Biedenkopf-Wallau


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