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We are users of CAD/CAM systems for 20 years. In this period, we tested more than 6 valued brands. Recently, we performed research with 5-axis milling. The prototype of a trunnion table with zero backlash was developed and tested with SprutCAM. The SprutCAM was the best acquisition for our 5-axis applications. Featuring the ability to compute and simulate nontrivial kinematics. The SprutCAM postprocessor only defines the syntax of CNC program, without performing geometric calculations as inverse kinematics and linearization. The postprocessor is seen here, as a kind of translator. This new approach reduces the possibility of errors in postprocessing. The most reliable way is to simulate the final CNC program, the same to be executed by real CNC machine. The SprutCAM simulation closely approximates this condition more reliable. SprutCAM: a great and wonderful software!

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