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We've recently moved over from Visual Mill Pro to SprutCAM. SprutCAM is lightening fast compared to our older CAM and infinitely more flexible. We've created our specific CNC machine in CAD format and imported it in SprutCAM, then using the built in postprocessor generator, we create the postprocessor for our machine. The most remarkable thing in SprutCAM is speed. Previously for many models VMPro would take over a night to read in a complex CAD model. Whereas for exactly the same model SprutCAM does it in a blink. Why so? Apparently SprutCAM works with native file formats and many other CAM products use a mesh. Thus if the mesh is very fine, it takes that much longer to work with. The product is extremely intuitive to use, added to that Sprutcam has been excellent in answering even the most banal of our queries and in one instance, they offered to help fix the CAD model of the CNC mill that we created to help create the machining. Recently, moving over to the most recent release of SprutCAM, they've added morphing. Anyone who does mold design or high quality class A surfaces will appreciate the feature. Such a feature is only available in extremely high end tools and Sprut has brought a truly game changing system to the production and prototyping environment. Sprut, thank you for saving my time!


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