RSW Products: Why I have thrown my other CAM packages in the garbage and changed to SprutCAM

I just want to take a few moments to share my experience with SprutCAM. This company has greatly impressed me, and here is why.

I can tell you from experience that shopping for good CAM software is not an easy job and I just want to take this opportunity to share my experiences because there may be others who are frustrated. With most of the software developers, they do not want to even let you have a good chance to evaluate their software before you buy it. You have to bother them to get a demo, and then you cannot generate a post or it is limited to very few lines of code. How can you evaluate something you cannot use? SPRUT Technology has a much different attitude in this area.

We prototype/design and manufacture high performance aircraft propeller and engine components, specializing primarily with vintage world war 2 aircraft, race planes, and agricultural crop dusters. Until a few months ago we farmed out most of the production. When we decided to bring all manufacturing in-house, we needed to upgrade to a full featured 3D cam package. We are engineers not machinists, so one big factor was that the software should be efficient and not overcomplicated to use. I literally have looked at almost every major cam system on the market. Since I also work at Johnson Space Center I have had the opportunity to study many other systems in detail.

I think many companies make their software more difficult to use than necessary in order to sell expensive training programs. Even though I am not a machinist by trade, with SprutCAM I am able to generate my toolpaths quickly and efficiently. If I can use it, anyone can. I also would add that SprutCAM generates efficient toolpaths which means less machining time. We machine very complex 3d components and SprutCAM offers the tools to perform. Oh yes, and SprutCAM comes as a complete milling package, you won"t have to keep buying a new module every time you wish to machine something new.

Last of all, there is the issue of product support. This is where SprutCAM really outshines everyone. I have a lot of experience in dealing with various software companies for CAD, CAM, digitizing etc.. and in almost all cases the technical support in this industry is terrible! I can assure you that SPRUT Technology supports their product second to none. Even with a huge time zone difference these guys have outsupported everyone in their industry. This was the real deciding factor why I have thrown my other cam packages in the garbage and changed to SprutCAM.

When I first sent an email to ask about the software, they let me download a full version to try on my machine. They are not afraid to let you see their product, they know it is good. Then, because I have a very new, and somewhat unusual machine, I had some errors with circular move translation. The SprutCAM support team was extremely patient, prompt, and focused, and I was very impressed! Even though I had a time zone to fight, I was up and running faster than I thought possible.

I am highly recommending SprutCAM to anyone.

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